I’m working on a sculpt for Galactaron

I’ve started to get back into casting. I would love to sculpt some Galactaron related works, take some molds, and paint them up.

So this is something I’ve made for the release of the next album. First I sculpted the mask out of Fimo clay/sculpey, a rough sculpt, then I baked it. When it was finished, I took some very fine grain sandpaper (800 on up to 2000) and sanded it down to make it as smooth as possible. I hollowed out the back, made the edges of the holes more sharp, and continued smoothing it for awhile. After that I glued a little ring I made onto the back, and this is where I will attach a keychain.

I’ll make a mold out of silicone putty by pressing it around the sculpt. Let the mold cure, then mold the other half. Then I’ll have my mold and it will be awesome.

To get the final product I’ll pour in some aluminum mixed with resin. When it dries, I’ll take it out, buff it a little bit, then it will look like a cast aluminum keychain! It’ll be great. I think it will look quite beautiful and professional. I’m totally using this process for more things.

I’ve got the aluminum powder being shipped to me in the mail already:

Life update: New Job, New Home, New… old stuff?

Basically, after I graduated college, all of my stuff got put into a big storage room until I came back from China. Now I’m back from China and I’ve been greeted with a huuuuge pile of old stuff I don’t need anymore. I’m starting the process of sorting things into keep - sell - goodwill piles. I have almost no room in my new house, so I’m going to narrow down my worldly possessions as much as possible. I don’t need all this stuff, it’s just sitting there.

Los Angeles is pretty sweet, though the road signs are confusing and sometimes I accidentally speak Chinese to Mexicans. They talk to me in Spanish and my brain is like “time to switch to language 2!” and then I start saying “ni hao, gracias!” It’s horribly embarrassing but I don’t think anyone has caught me yet.

Also, it’s official and overdue. I work as a storyboard/writer on the Regular Show. I’m having a great time, but we’re on hiatus so I have a couple weeks off. This is a picture I took at about 8pm, having finished my final drawings for the show. My partner Sarah and I split it into two sections and each do about half the work. This is one ten minute episode of the Regular Show that I’m holding in my hands. It’s like 9 pounds of paper:

So that’s my life update! In the meantime I’m working on the second Galactaron album. It’s all coming along very nicely though none of the artwork is done yet. It’s going to be awesome. Way better than the first album. I just, I can’t even, it’s gonna be so good.